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Thursday, 14 June 2012


Friday, 8 June 2012

New beginnings: Weekends

 For years now, I have lived without Fridays, But with my going back to school I have come to anticipate the weekend once more. What to do? Some activities have already been discussed, A friend of ours is getting married and I'm actually looking forward to the BBQ that is to follow the wedding. It has been along time since I looked forward to anything.
 Next weekend we already have plans for another BBQ. Our friend has invited us to their place for the day. They are just outside of town on an acre. So it should be fun. Lots room for the kids. Apparently  there is a trampoline and Aimee our oldest has friend there too. Talk of an ATV ride , should be fun for the boys, maybe I can talk Kathryn into getting on with me(although she shaking her head as I type this) most likely not.
 It's been  years since I had reason to enjoy the weekend as a weekend and not just another day. T.G.I.F once again.

Friday, 1 June 2012

New Beginning: Week Three.

Third week third exam. This week it was Business Communications. English close for the office. It was somewhat entertaining as my instructor,Sholeh, has turned out to be quite the flamboyant person. She puts me in mind of our daughter when she is in one of her bouncy moods. You know the type, they make you smile when they enter a room.
 Not only was there the exam but our Power Point presentations were held this week as well. My presentation was on Salt Dough Creations. The topics ranged from laptops to premature babies. All were interesting and the class had fun with each one.
 On the home front we have an added member to our family this week. Our puppy was born May 31, 2012. Her name is Sadie. She is a Bull Mastive crossed with Labrador. She is black with white paws and chest. She is still with the breeder but we anticipate her arrival mid July.