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Thursday, 26 April 2012

My Advice

 I am normally a pretty quiet guy. But if you come to me for advice, you can be sure I'm not going to steer you wrong. I may not always be right but in the end the direction I send you in is for the best. Weather it saves you time or money I don't give out false leads.
 For instance, my in-laws had a front end issue on their van. Not knowing much I gave them the best advice I could. At first I thought it was brakes, then I started thinking it was the bearings. Either way I told them to get it looked at and my friend would beat whatever quote they got.
 Now they are getting it done at one of those franchised auto repair shop. Its going to cost them twice as much and, as far as I'm concerned, getting low quality work as compared to what they would have gotten. Now I didn't start writting this just to blow off steam. I actually have a point.
 Its not the first time I have seen this.People are always avoiding the little guy for one reason or another. In my general consensus The larger well known establishments have taken over the small business enterprise. Shops all over the country have a hard time staying open because nobody wants to give the little guy a chance. You may never heard of them but that is a good thing. If they had become well known they would be to busy to treat you the way you should be treated. At the larger places you are just another customer and will get done in good time and if properly at all. Most large names have gotten good and bad names for what they do. Where as the little guy you may be the only customer they have to deal with and you get their full attention to detail.
 There are many pro vs. cons on this subject towards either side, but in my opinion the little guy will do whatever they can to keep your business where as the larger branded places don't care. Keep it small, keep it local, support a family instead of a corporation.

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Am I an Author

So, I entered a poetry contest. Thousands of people also entered. Big deal, poets are a dime a dozen, right? Wait it gets better. Today I receive a letter and out of the thousands entered I have been selected as a semi-finalist. Along with this opportunity to win fabulous prizes; an editors proof was sent along with it.
The book is called Stars In Our Hearts. It goes for publication in June of this year. This is my first attempt at a contest and the publication is just amazing. I have been writing all of my life and this motivates me to do more.
Just goes to show, the old sayings are true; you never know til you try.
 So the question still remains, am an author. Not a noted one anyways.I have a few unfinished stories, that have been shelved for years now. What stops me from completing them, I not really sure. There are volumes of unpublished poetry and even a childrens story. So where to go from here.
 Now that I'm motivated, might time to pull out the dusty pages of a past on paper and polish them up. Maybe some fresh stuff. I don't know. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would make it this far.The possibilities are endless. Must stay focused and diligent with my craft. Who knows maybe someday I'll be able to say yes to my opening question. Am I an author?
 I don't consider myself one, just a guy who likes to write.

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Spring Clean-UP

The city of Brampton is once again sponsoring its annual Spring Clean-Up. The Brampton CleanCity Committee is a committee of City Council made up of concerned citizens who volunteer their time and effort in promoting environmental awareness and a clean community. ALF4 has signed up to participate for its first time this year.
We have spent many years cleaning the cities parks and lane ways anonymously. Our commitment to the city this year is to clean Eastboure Park and continue our effort to keep our community clean. By using the supplies donated by the City of Brampton our goal is becoming reality.
Although few have signed on, friends and neighbors join forces with the City to accomplish our objective. The Spring and Harvest Clean-Ups attract a combined 130,000 volunteers every year. Participation in this program helps to foster environmental awareness and responsibility, boost community pride, and beautifies our city Our children take part as well. Their effort and contribution to the project helps them learn good work ethics, social skills,and the importance of volunteering in the community.
I have been asked what am I getting out of this. My answer is a good feeling. My wife loves the feeling of getting closer to nature. And well, when the supplies arrived it was a rush. The over whelming feeling of doing good in our community intoxicates me.
Now normally when you come across wild life it gets disrupted and flees, right? Well, while cleaning a section of the creek today, my wife came across a family of ducks. Instead of the expected squawk and take flight, They quacked calmly and drew nearer as if they were saying thank you.Its special moments like this that make volunteering to the CleanCity Program worth while.
Our family got out there and did a great job. In fact a city worker said "You have done awesome so far." We started at our favorite place to hang out and cleared trash for well over 100 meters to the bridge. 25 garbage bags and an assortment of other debris has already been removed. With a month ahead of us and volunteers lined up for weekends, our park will continually look better.
ALf4 is currently looking over guide lines and regulations involving the Adopt-A-Park program. In hopes to
continue a growing relationship between ALF4 and Brampton CleanCity our parks will be maintained and beautified for future generations. All interested Volunteers can contact the City of Brampton for further information.

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

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Sunday, 8 April 2012

CPN Expansion

After spending Good Friday cleaning the park I have spent the rest of the weekend preparing to grow my audience. We can now be found on google+ @CPN New page
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Thursday, 5 April 2012

Mans Best Freind

My love for the environment is probably one reason I am so close to animals. This year my family is cleaning up our near by creek area through a spring clean-up program. I believe animals sense this passion and respond with admiration.

Now normally when you come across wild life, it gets disrupted and flees, right. Well, while my wife and I were cleaning a section of creek, my wife came across a family of ducks. Instead of the expected squawk and take flight, they quacked calmly and drew nearer as if to say thank you. Its special moments like this that make life worth living.

I do not know where to start. Dogs have always been drawn to me. All my life, dogs and I have had a special bond. One day while in the park with the boys; a lady walked by with her dog. If I remember correct, it was a golden retriever. He walked walked away from his master,walked up to me gently nudge my hip with his nose then sat down by my side. This experience is just one of many spiritual encounters I have had with mans best friends.

The same reaction is witnessed at home and with friends animals daily. Our cats " claim " me daily as well. There is always a moment during the day where either of my cats ritually climb on me, and rub their head in my beard, and purr in my ears. This daily affection is up lifting. Friends and relatives animals react on the same way

What exactly it is; I do not know. Am I a whisperer? No, I can not tell you what your dog is saying. Can I help you with your animals? Maybe. How? Well, first thing is be nice. They sense this.

Animals are simple,so keep it simple.One word commands and short phrases work best. "come here", "Sit", for example. A close relationship allows for even easier commands; such as, the ever popular whistle, clicking, clapping, snapping and other simple sounds for simple responses. The more you work with your animal, the stronger your bond will be and the better response you will get. Animals Know you better then you know yourself. You can't fool them.

There are many tools available to help instruct you on how to train your dog. For instance:
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 - Visit your local library
- Talk to your local pet shop owners
- Online search engine and blogs
 - Visiting your local Humane Society
- Talking with other pet owner
- Visiting pet shows and other such venues.

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Alf4: Community Involvement: Spring Clean-Up

Alf4: Community Involvement: Spring Clean-Up: The city of Brampton is once again sponsoring its annual Spring Clean-Up. The Brampton CleanCity Committee is a committee of City Council m...

Alf4: Spring Clean Up Update

Alf4: Spring Clean Up Update: Well we cleared out a section so far and have been noted as "doing an awesome job So far." More supplies arrived this afternoon and we are ...

Spring Clean Up Update

Well we cleared out a section so far and have been noted as "doing an awesome job So far."
More supplies arrived this afternoon and we are itching to get back out there. With volunteers on hand for this weekend our effort will be multiplied by immeasurable amounts.
Anyone wishing to help but can't make it to our park is more then welcome to contact the city for a location closer to them.Spring Clean-Up