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Thursday, 19 April 2012

Am I an Author

So, I entered a poetry contest. Thousands of people also entered. Big deal, poets are a dime a dozen, right? Wait it gets better. Today I receive a letter and out of the thousands entered I have been selected as a semi-finalist. Along with this opportunity to win fabulous prizes; an editors proof was sent along with it.
The book is called Stars In Our Hearts. It goes for publication in June of this year. This is my first attempt at a contest and the publication is just amazing. I have been writing all of my life and this motivates me to do more.
Just goes to show, the old sayings are true; you never know til you try.
 So the question still remains, am an author. Not a noted one anyways.I have a few unfinished stories, that have been shelved for years now. What stops me from completing them, I not really sure. There are volumes of unpublished poetry and even a childrens story. So where to go from here.
 Now that I'm motivated, might time to pull out the dusty pages of a past on paper and polish them up. Maybe some fresh stuff. I don't know. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would make it this far.The possibilities are endless. Must stay focused and diligent with my craft. Who knows maybe someday I'll be able to say yes to my opening question. Am I an author?
 I don't consider myself one, just a guy who likes to write.

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