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Thursday, 26 April 2012

My Advice

 I am normally a pretty quiet guy. But if you come to me for advice, you can be sure I'm not going to steer you wrong. I may not always be right but in the end the direction I send you in is for the best. Weather it saves you time or money I don't give out false leads.
 For instance, my in-laws had a front end issue on their van. Not knowing much I gave them the best advice I could. At first I thought it was brakes, then I started thinking it was the bearings. Either way I told them to get it looked at and my friend would beat whatever quote they got.
 Now they are getting it done at one of those franchised auto repair shop. Its going to cost them twice as much and, as far as I'm concerned, getting low quality work as compared to what they would have gotten. Now I didn't start writting this just to blow off steam. I actually have a point.
 Its not the first time I have seen this.People are always avoiding the little guy for one reason or another. In my general consensus The larger well known establishments have taken over the small business enterprise. Shops all over the country have a hard time staying open because nobody wants to give the little guy a chance. You may never heard of them but that is a good thing. If they had become well known they would be to busy to treat you the way you should be treated. At the larger places you are just another customer and will get done in good time and if properly at all. Most large names have gotten good and bad names for what they do. Where as the little guy you may be the only customer they have to deal with and you get their full attention to detail.
 There are many pro vs. cons on this subject towards either side, but in my opinion the little guy will do whatever they can to keep your business where as the larger branded places don't care. Keep it small, keep it local, support a family instead of a corporation.

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