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Thursday, 5 April 2012

Mans Best Freind

My love for the environment is probably one reason I am so close to animals. This year my family is cleaning up our near by creek area through a spring clean-up program. I believe animals sense this passion and respond with admiration.

Now normally when you come across wild life, it gets disrupted and flees, right. Well, while my wife and I were cleaning a section of creek, my wife came across a family of ducks. Instead of the expected squawk and take flight, they quacked calmly and drew nearer as if to say thank you. Its special moments like this that make life worth living.

I do not know where to start. Dogs have always been drawn to me. All my life, dogs and I have had a special bond. One day while in the park with the boys; a lady walked by with her dog. If I remember correct, it was a golden retriever. He walked walked away from his master,walked up to me gently nudge my hip with his nose then sat down by my side. This experience is just one of many spiritual encounters I have had with mans best friends.

The same reaction is witnessed at home and with friends animals daily. Our cats " claim " me daily as well. There is always a moment during the day where either of my cats ritually climb on me, and rub their head in my beard, and purr in my ears. This daily affection is up lifting. Friends and relatives animals react on the same way

What exactly it is; I do not know. Am I a whisperer? No, I can not tell you what your dog is saying. Can I help you with your animals? Maybe. How? Well, first thing is be nice. They sense this.

Animals are simple,so keep it simple.One word commands and short phrases work best. "come here", "Sit", for example. A close relationship allows for even easier commands; such as, the ever popular whistle, clicking, clapping, snapping and other simple sounds for simple responses. The more you work with your animal, the stronger your bond will be and the better response you will get. Animals Know you better then you know yourself. You can't fool them.

There are many tools available to help instruct you on how to train your dog. For instance:
 Blue Print For Success

- Blue Print for Success at $57.00 for the software. The course outlines many useful ways to train your dog.

Blue Print for Success consist of an E-book

21 training videos

9.5 hours of mp3 audio training guides
 - Visit your local library
- Talk to your local pet shop owners
- Online search engine and blogs
 - Visiting your local Humane Society
- Talking with other pet owner
- Visiting pet shows and other such venues.

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