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Friday, 30 March 2012

Community Involvement: Spring Clean-Up

The city of Brampton is once again sponsoring its annual Spring Clean-Up. The Brampton CleanCity Committee is a committee of City Council made up of concerned citizens who volunteer their time and effort in promoting environmental awareness and a clean community. ALF4 has signed up to participate for its first time this year.
 We have spent many years cleaning the cities parks and lane ways anonymously. Our commitment to the city this year is to clean Eastboure Park and continue or effort  to keep our community clean. By using the supplies donated by the City of Brampton our goal is becoming reality.
 Although few have sign on , friends and neighbors join forces with the City to accomplish our objective. The Spring and Harvest Clean-Ups attract a combined 130,000 volunteers every year. Participation in this program helps to foster environmental awareness and responsibility, boost community pride, and beautifies our city Our children take part as well. Their effort  and contribution to the project helps them learn good work ethics, social skills,and the importance of volunteering in the community.
I have been asked what am I getting out of this. My answer is a good feeling. My wife loves the feeling of getting closer to nature. And well , when the supplies arrived it was a rush. The over whelming feeling of doing good in our community intoxicates me.
 Now normally when you come across wild life it gets disrupted and flees, right? Well, while cleaning a section of the creek today, my wife came across a family of ducks. Instead of the expected squawk and take flight, They quacked calmly and drew nearer as if to say thank you.Its special moments like this that make volunteering to the CleanCity Program worth while.

Volunteers can register online at

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