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Saturday, 24 March 2012

The Family Business

ALF4 was created in 2005, shortly after Alf and Kathryn got married. They started off wandering the streets and parks picking up scrap and empty liquor bottles, turning little profit. Not being greedy folk they continue today anonymously cleaning parks and laneways as they go for family walks.

This year however is the first annual ALF4 spring clean-up. Volunteering through the CleanCity Brampton Spring clean-up program, They are cleaning their near by creek running through Eastbourne Park. Thier children Aimee 16, Albert 6 and Allistar 4 will be helping as well.

With Kathryn(working for) and Aimee (through Air Cadets) busy with various duties at the Royal Canadian Legion ( Branch 414); Alf busies himself online advertising for Global Data Entry and serving an online community at Christian Power Now( /crohqbl ).

Although not a Christian himself Alf uses many different sources to enlighten his spirit. Many of his thoughts and ideas come from these religious sources strengthening his own belief system. His spiritual side can be found in his many works of poetry. Together Alf and Kathryn have written an unpublished childrens book. Kathryn also has many other talents as an artist. Her work is display on Al Forbes fan page on Facebook.

Their daughter Aimee is a proud member of the Air Cadets and volunteers regularly throughout the year. Through school and Cadets She has become a budding young musician as well. Her instrument is the clarinet. This past march break she got to tour Europe with her squadron.

The boys are still young so their effort is minimal but they get out there and help too. Starting to teach them at such a young age is good for them. Not only will they learn where and how to be involved in their community; they learn a good work ethic as well. Never to early to take care of our planet.

Its all about family and community. ALF4 strives to improve the local environment and is committed to the community.Through school and church programs we give as much as we can to various charities. We will continue to clean and support our city as best as we can.

Although having to provide for the Forbes family; ALF4 was created to serve the community in any way it can. Feel free to contact us for more info if interested in any of the services mentioned or if you just want to show support to our objective; which is one community one family doing its best for all. Cheers.
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