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Thursday, 10 May 2012

New Beginnings: Orientation Day

My student card
 Today was orientation day at Trios College. I spent my first hours, in a class room, in 18 years or so. Thank God, it was orientation. Nothing sunk in. Three hours of blah blah blah. My first tour of the place when I applied was more informative. It was like watching an infomercial live.
 Don't get me wrong today held a lot of information. There is a self help manual they gave us to assist in our studies and career pursuits. Its based on the 8 cornerstones of high performance. which are:
Educational and career vision
Self management skills
Workplace skills
Personal life
These are key traits to success.
 After we discussed succeeding as a student;the program director took over the presentation an introduced the faculty.
 So I'm realizing that I may struggle with absorption of info at first. This concerns me for the plain simple fact of all I recall is"Blah blah blah." They could have given everyone a password for an automatic pass and I totally missed it. Of course once class starts I'll be taking notes and I will have text books to turn to when my notes fail me. So I believe I stand a good chance of survival.

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