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Sunday, 20 May 2012

New beginnings: Waiting to Meet Him

Well I survived the first week of school and entered the first exam with a solid 70%. Although I struggled with a few things, I am pretty sure I got the grade. With the first course behind me its time to move forward. Onto something fresh. Which leads me to the long weekend. Victoria Day weekend.
 The May 24 weekend has always been known for its big events. This year it marks a grand reunion.We are heading out, shortly, to meet my Dad soon. I can say, I'm a little nervous. Anxiety is through the roof. What if things aren't all happy, happy, joy ,joy. Are we all going to get along? Whats my Mom think? There is a lot to consider. This affects the whole family, wife and kids, not just me.
 The children are gaining a whole family they never knew. Do they have a clue? I can't expect them to understand what is happening. They are gaining Grand parents, Aunts, Uncles, and cousins. The works. I can hear it now. How come he was my Grandpa yesterday or why don't we know them before now? I'm sure they will be okay with everything.I'm just nervous. Projecting my anxiety on them.
 I'm sure it will be a good thing. This is going to be awesome. So much change, so much confusion, so much to accept. This all for the benefit of family. We need to be strong for and with each other. All I can say is Can't wait.

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