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Monday, 21 May 2012

New Beginnings: The Reunion

First sight.
Wow; where to begin? We got a late start and there was lots of traffic,being the long weekend and all. We were on the road; Forgot the directions, no  phone number, but we were on the road and I knew where we were going. It was like going home.
Getting to know each other again.
 I so nervous. We shake hands and instantly embraced on another. I swear we were holding each other up. Instant comfort, a feeling of belonging.
 He himself came off as intelligent, but not a know  it all. You could tell he works hard has done a lot. Neither one of us had much to say. Just being there, enjoying the moment was enough.
 I went into it with no expectations and the day was wonderful. I wish I had more to say but he was so open that all questions were answered. Leaving the past where it belonged and lived in the moment.
 I think I'm still in shock, come to think of it. My brother and sister were great and the whole family was just so welcoming that instead having to break the ice, we walked on water.  Our situation and distance makes it hard to know when we will be able to do it again, but its an amazing feeling to have started to fill the void I 've had all my life.

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